“He was absolutely great to work with- he set up quickly and did sound check without any problems, was very professional, stayed and talked to the students who had questions. He was great! I would definitely recommend him to other schools.”Jessica Mode, University of Missouri – St. Louis

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SungBeats is an award-winning beatboxer and live loop extraordinaire from NY who has been developing his craft for over 13 years. Equipped with nothing but a microphone and a loop pedal, he uses only his mouth to create organic, engaging, high-energy music through an intricate process of sampling vocal sounds live in real time. From hip hop to reggae to electronic dance music, Sung does it all – literally with his voice.

SungBeats is most known for winning the 2014 Grand Finale of “Amateur Night at the Apollo” at the historic and world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. He is also the 1st place winner of “Kollaboration Star 2014,” the nation’s premiere Asian American talent competition. Sung has competed in beatbox competitions at the highest levels both nationally and abroad, and has even represented the United States at the 2015 Grand Beatbox Battle in Switzerland.

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