“SungBeats turned an event with near coffeehouse vibes into an impromptu dance party! We asked SungBeats to be the featured act to wrap up our monthly student open mic series. Sung used extra wireless mics to involve students in his performance, giving the audience a lesson in beat boxing and making a track that was all our students’ own. SungBeats genuinely brought the energy without being intense. Both Sung and Bass/Schuler were straight-forward and easy to work with.”Peter Erschen, Pacific University

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Beatbox champion SungBeats is one of the most unique and exciting acts in the college market today! A master of live vocal instrumentation, Sungbeats mimics percussion, scratches, basslines, trumpets, strings, and many other sound effects to create organic music with the human voice. His show consists of a vocal remixing of your favorite hit songs, as well as an interactive lesson where your students will get silly and learn the basics of beatboxing. SungBeats will also create a LIVE custom-tailored song just for your school using YOUR student’s voices. For an extraordinary, high-energy, interactive showcase, look no further than SungBeats! For more information about SungBeats’ VIRTUAL beatboxing show, click here.

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