why book take the stage leadership?

  • First, because it’s effective. The tools the audience will learn are practical and can be put to use immediately.

  • Second, because it’s fun. Christopher draws upon his background as a professional illusionist to illustrate the principles being taught with jaw-dropping “mind games” that keep the audience engaged while they are learning.

The backbone of effective leadership is communication. In Take The Stage Leadership, speaker and entertainer Christopher Carter shares powerful tools to help students connect better with others and present their authentic selves with genuine impact.

Take The Stage Leadership starts with the idea that some of the most effective lessons in leadership come from the world of theater and entertainment. For thousands of years, people who work in these fields have perfected a set of tools that are all about influencing the perceptions of others—tools such as storytelling, improvisation, listening, body language, and more.

As a leader, how you “show up” determines your level of success. In Take The Stage Leadership, Christopher teaches students how to see and present themselves as the director of their own lives, the star of their own personal stories, and the co-star in other peoples’ experiences.

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