“Cut right to the core of the issue and put it into a language students could understand and relate to.”Erin Schaefer, Graduate Assistant, St. Cloud State University

why book the hook up?

  • Engage in facilitated discussion

    The Hook Up begins with a conversation on how gender stereotypes contribute to rape culture and harm survivors. The program then unpacks the practice of hooking-up, and identifies the differences between healthy hook-ups, regretted hook-ups, and sexual assault.

  • Explores in-depth research

    How are perpetrators’ modus operandi masked by the norms of contemporary hook-up culture? This discussion is critical because it provides the opportunity to break through the myth that rape is really just a regretted sexual experience. In openly discussing what healthy, consensual sex looks like in contrast to the methods perpetrators use, there is no confusion between healthy sex and rape.

  • Put what you've learned to the test

    Finally, the program closes using the information learned about perpetrators’ motives and behaviors in order to devise successful bystander intervention strategies and decrease a community’s tolerance for sexual predation.

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