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They said it couldn’t be done, but since 1997 The Polkaholics have been mixing doses of punk rock and polka in a high-speed blender, creating a souped-up sound that is simultaneously new and old. As noted in the Chicago Sun-Times, “The Polkaholics wreak havoc to both traditional polka and rock music!” Using a rock-trio format of guitar/bass/drums to power their polka, The Polkaholics have something for everyone. Some love the rocking sound of the band, while others appreciate their mission to keep polka alive and vital in today’s music scene.

Playing old favorites like “Beer Barrel Polka” and “Chicken Dance,” or new classics like “Polkas on Guitar,” The Polkaholics repertoire is filled with songs that are all about FUN! With their glittery outfits and wild showmanship, The Polkaholics are intent on Entertaining, with a capital E, and creating that “life of the party” atmosphere at every show.

As evidence of their ability to break down musical barriers, The Polkaholics have performed in some of the most prestigious Chicago music venues including the Metro, House of Blues, the Vic, the Chicago Symphony Center, the Chicago Cultural Center, and of course the Baby Doll Polka Club. They have even been featured internationally on the incredible “American Polka” CD recently released on the Trikont label out of Munich Germany.

With founder Dandy Don Hedeker on guitar and vocals, Jolly James Wallace on bass and vocals, and Action Jackson Wilson on drums and vocals, The Polkaholics use a power rock trio format to put the umph into the oompah-POW, blasting polka screaming into the 21st century!

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