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Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Project®
Creative leadership programs and orientation events for students, staff, and faculty.

Award-winning musician, keynote speaker and summer camp program director, Jason LeVasseur, will inspire, motivate, and educate your students and staff with one of his many leadership programs. He is available for leadership and orientation keynotes, retreats and workshops, and can cap off any program with an award-winning performance!


  • get your show on the road

    Great for orientations and all leadership events. Fun, informational, and inspirational talk about finding your passion and transforming dreams into reality. What does it take to succeed in college? While sharing stories from the road, music, and big brotherly advice, Jason will encourage and inspire each student to discover what it takes to be a Rock Star Student. #iamarockstar For an example of an orientation keynote talk please watch the video: “Get Your Show On The Road.”

  • the rock star student leader

    Perfect for new and experienced student leaders. Focuses on the student leader’s influential role and responsibility to themselves and to their teams. Do your leaders and volunteers run out of steam? Need to stay inspired? Need to get energized and productive? Empower every team member to become a Rock Star Student Leader within their student organization. #rocktheband

  • turn up your volume

    Designed for new and experienced student leaders. Focuses on the role and responsibility of the student leader on campus. This talk inspires students to celebrate and embrace their full potential – to be a positive influence and to reach out beyond their individual groups. It’s time to “turn it up” to recruit, promote, and share your passion with the campus community. #rockthecrowd


  • building the band

    Every team faces challenges–this workshop addresses how to work through the everyday pitfalls inherent to working with a group. Students will explore how to effectively work together to perform at their best.

  • hosting the show

    How do you engage your campus community? This workshop focuses on the ins and outs of working as a team to coordinate events for your campus that are sure to be hits. From planning to execution – Jason details the whole process in a fast-paced and fun way!

  • the meet & greet

    The focus of this workshop is to teach student leaders and professionals how to engage an audience, master public speaking, and add energy to meetings and events. Both students and professionals will take away useful everyday communication skills.

  • 10 great energizers

    Designed for students and professionals who plan events and run meetings. Learn how to create a positive group atmosphere and enhance your next team gathering! “Energizers” are best used to get a group moving, give a break from long periods of sitting down, and excite your team about the next portion of a program. Use them in small doses to rejuvenate a group after a meal or after a long day before a meeting. The focus in this workshop is to teach student leaders and professionals how to engage their audience, improve their presentation skills, and to energize their meetings and events! #rockstapresenter

  • write one song in one hour

    This creative challenge is a great team-building event for your groups! Jason will lead your team in the process and completion of writing their own group song. No need to be a musician or singer! It’s a fun team-building challenge that is guaranteed to get everyone working together to accomplish the goal. At the end of the workshop the song will be recorded as it is being performed! #wecanworktogether #rockstargroupwork

  • so you want to be a professional performer?

    Being a musician, speaker, or an actor or any other type of professional performer is not an easy endeavor. It requires countless hours of grueling work and effort, and success is not guaranteed! Seldom is the practical nature of this profession discussed honestly with students. This workshop will address the ins-and-outs of what it takes to make a living “on the road” as a creative professional. Topics such as personal health, budgeting and time management will be discussed in a manner that is practical and accessible. If your students want to take a shot at their dream after graduation, this workshop will definitely equip them with practical tools to help them on their way. Whether they want to be a performer, work in the entertainment industry, start their own business, or simply want to succeed at their first job out of college – this workshop will help them out! #careersuccess

  • the "tour manager" - keeping the band alive!

    This workshop is designed for club and org advisors and the focus is on their important roles and responsibilities. Advisors will leave this workshop excited and connected to other advisors and will embrace the idea that they are the “tour managers” of their respective “bands”. Without the tour manager the band can derail, wreck hotel rooms, show up late for shows, and even wind up in jail! The reason we need tour managers is because they see the “big picture”, know how to read a map, can drive the bus and make sure everyone in the band eats! Even though your advisors sometimes want to “grab the microphone” and do it all themselves… this workshop will help them better steer their talented clubs and organizations to show up to rehearsals, tune their instruments, and put on great shows! #rockstaradvisors

community & team building

  • the rock star meet & greet

    Want to bring people together and create a community of considerate, caring, and engaged students on your campus? This exciting program is perfect for the first day of new student orientation and is also a fun and meaningful way to kick off a student leadership retreat. Team building games, challenges, and ice breakers for large and small groups.

  • the rock star photo project

    This community building event can accompany Jason’s concerts, keynote talks, and workshops. It is designed to help promote the day’s events and to further encourage the promotion of his message. The “Rock Star Photo Project” encourages students to be proud of who they are and to publicly celebrate that which makes them rock star student leaders! It is a fun activity that is easy to set up and facilitate in any campus setting. #iamarockstar #therockstarproject For more info on “The Rock Star Photo Project” please watch the video: “The Rock Star Project”

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