why book tina vansteenbergen?

Tina has been serving college students as a professional speaker for the past six years. When on stage her audiences are captivated by her quick wit, addictive charisma, and prowess at hitting salient take home points through an authentic storytelling delivery. Tina speaks to students around North America about how to bring the heart back to their leadership styles, and the voices back to women in their organizations and relationships. On a personal note, Tina went to Hamline University for her undergrad and then attended Illinois State University for her Master’s. She is also a proud Minnesotan who will happily pour on her accent when asked. Tina currently lives in Minneapolis with her extremely long last name and her obnoxiously adorable puppy, Sherri.

tina’s programs & learning outcomes:

better friends, better sisters, better women

Joining a sorority changes our lives. We use terms like “sisterhood” and “values” to describe what sorority brings and teaches us. But, sorority changes us in one universal way: friendship. Specifically, friendship with women.

Before sorority, Tina was unaware of the power of true, authentic friendship with other women – finding female friends was never a priority. She soon learned, at its core, friendship is what sorority is all about. And yet, we all know of girl-on-girl drama that’s taking place in our chapters and communities. We talk behind each others’ backs. We choose jealousy and resentment over support and love. We compete instead of congratulate.

One of the real challenges in sorority leadership is acknowledging some of our less-productive impulses and tactics and using our leadership talents to steer our way to better relationships and better solutions. Tina teaches the audience how to unpack the true power of female friendships, and learn to be better friends, but better sisters, and better women.

Audience members will…
  • Be able to identify the benefits of strong female friendships
  • Examine the role sorority can play in helping establish and maintain these relationships
  • Articulate the importance of healthy conflict management practices
  • Be prepared to facilitate discussions and programs within their chapters, councils, and communities aimed at developing healthy, female bonds
it ain’t about you, boo!

Recruitment is such an exciting time of the year for our chapters! We are busy getting our sisters and our spaces ready to sell ourselves to PNMs, to show them why we are the best choice for their sorority future. We practice our conversations, our rotations, our Ritual, all to show them the great things our chapter has to offer. It is so easy to feel like recruitment is about us; our chapter, our members, our story. But when we really look at the purpose of recruitment, it ain’t about you, boo!

Well then wait, who is it about??

The PNMs!!

These women are undergoing the madness of recruitment for one reason: to find a place to belong. What if every thing we did to prepare for recruitment, we did with her in mind? If we focused our conversations on how we can help her feel comfortable? Prepare our spaces so she feels welcomed? Told her stories of our sorority experience, so she can see herself in our sisterhood? Recruitment doesn’t have to feel selfish or inauthentic. Your chapter or community’s potential for a purpose-driven recruitment begins and ends with your focus on creating the best possible experiences for the PNMs.

Audience members will be able to…
  • Reconnect with their experience as potential new members, engaging in the empathy needed to connect with incoming potential new members
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to facilitate selfless recruitment conversations focused on the benefit of the potential new member
  • Articulate the purpose and importance of focusing our recruitment efforts on the potential new member, rather than the chapter
“shut up, you’re not fat;” an honest conversation about body image

Body image is something many (if not all) women struggle with, stress over, and try to control. Whether or not we’re talking about it, we’re surely thinking about it: a recent study found 91% of college women are actively dieting to lose weight. We fear gaining our “Freshman 15.” We’re afraid we won’t be attractive if we gain weight and grow ashamed of our bodies. And yet, we don’t talk about this in healthy ways. Why is weight a taboo topic? Why does it come with such shame? The only way to overcome these feelings of shame and discomfort is to start the conversation in a real and honest way—and move beyond just saying, “shut up, you’re not fat!”

Audience members will be able to…
  • Identify the problematic trends in the health, body image, and weight loss practices of college-age women
  • Articulate the importance of using body-positive language in conversations about weight gain, weight loss, and overall body image with sisters and friends
ladies, let’s drop the f bomb

Feminism, ladies. We are watching the world change for women, now more than ever. Whether or not you were “With Her,” a fan of Serena Willams or the Girl’s Trip movie, we can’t deny that in the last few years, women are what we’ve been talking about.

As women, what is our role in those conversations? As women’s organizations, what is the role of sorority? How about you, what’s your individual role? Whether or not you identify as a feminist, feeling comfortable, empowered, and confident in discussions about our collective womanhood is what sorority is about—what our founders would have wanted for us. As members of organizations that make women better, let’s make each other better in a powerful discussion about the F bomb.

Audience members will be able to…
  • Articulate the benefit of sorority women being able and willing to discuss women’s issues on their campuses and in their world
  • Identify the role sororities can and should play in the creation of safe and respectful spaces for all women on our campuses and in our communities
be bold, be fierce, be sisters: confidence is a team sport

Let’s call it what it is: being women in college is hard work. While we stretch ourselves thin to meet (exceed) the expectations of ourselves and everyone else, we also have upon us an additional pressure: doing it all with confidence. Confidence is an important and lofty goal, but not one that comes with an easy on/off switch. On the contrary, it can take a lot of work and resilience to develop real confidence. In this session, we’ll come together as women dealing with real life to find and build authentic confidence. Through powerful conversations, helpful exercises, and pure sisterhood, we will put in the work of building true confidence—because it’s surely work worth doing.

Audience members will…
  • Experience and replicate practical confidence-building activities that involve multiple women coming together to build one another up and discover the team-sport nature of building authentic confidence
  • Articulate that the true power in womanhood lies in what we can accomplish together; confidence is a team sport
more than a feeling: leading with empathy

have you ever been frustrated with members who don’t pay dues? Irritated with a sister/brother who missed another meeting? Upset with someone who ghosted out of your chapter? When our members don’t do what’s expected, it’s natural to be bothered. But what if they can’t pay dues because they’re buying food for their family instead? Or missing a meeting because a controlling partner wouldn’t let them leave? Or leaving the chapter because of mental health challenges? Every one of our brothers and sisters is a person with real life challenges and struggles—things we can sometimes forget to ask about. Choosing empathy, to understand and share with the experiences of our members, is the more than a feeling—it’s the most powerful leadership decision we make.

Audience members will be able to…
  • Identify the behaviors of one who leads with empathy, and replicate them in their own leadership styles

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