why book u-stuff-it?

As one of our favorite take-and-make programs, U-Stuff-It is an affordable and fun option for students to enjoy, even at a social distance! We provide the materials to be easily drop-shipped to campus and distributed to students in a hands-free environment for these easy-to-assemble fuzzy friends. Contact us for the different U-Stuff-It animal options. Each critter is sized at 13-14”. 

the dos and don’ts of bringing u-stuff-it to campus


  • Stuff the animal with your fingers only

  • Stuff the head first

  • Next, stuff the legs, then arms

  • Finish by stuffing the rest of the body last

  • Determine if the full bag of stuffing is needed (pro tip – it usually isn’t!)


  • Put your entire hand in the animal (you’ll break the zipper)

  • Overstuff – you want it to be a little floppy

  • Thanks again for booking U-Stuff-It with Bass/Schuler Entertainment – have a GREAT event!

get started with your booking!