“Such an amazing program! I loved how you talked about signatures and our students liked learning about how their personalities were revealed in their handwriting. Your evaluations were spot on and the education and language that you used to describe our students was an excellent example of how we should talk to each other. So great!”Julia Furlipa, SUNY Purchase College

why book virtual handwriting analysis?

Looking to make your Zoom event more interactive? Jan Rose’s Handwriting Show is all about your staff, students, or customers. Our handwriting expert can evaluate their signature through their camera on Zoom. Ever wonder how the style of your handwriting is reflected in your personality? What do the loops, curves, and size of your capital letters really mean?

Leave the interpretation to Jan Rose, handwriting expert and member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts. Your staff or students will have fun learning about their signature’s slant, spacing, and legibility. Her show is educational, fun, interactive, and filled with surprises.

Choose how you want Jan Rose to appear:

The Handwriting Show: Celebrities’ handwriting, short video clips, and group activities are all combined with evaluations of the handwriting of up to eight people. In-person or virtual. 30 – 45 minutes. Expecting more than eight people? Jan can present multiple shows back-to-back.

Signature Zoom Room: Guests enter a Handwriting Zoom Room to have their writing sample analyzed. They enjoy seeing their friends and colleagues’ handwriting evaluated before they get their turn. Each evaluation takes about three minutes as Jan Rose shows how their personality is reflected in their penmanship. All they need is a pen,  paper, and an internet connection.

Hire Jan Rose for your next virtual or in-person event. You’ll never look at your handwriting the same way again.

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