why book virtual poker?

Shuffle Up and Deal. Rent our Virtual Poker!

Leveraging two proven technologies we are able to recreate the poker experience for remote guests so they can play from home, office or anywhere they would like. We work with you, the client, to design individual poker table games or set up a Texas Hold’em tournament structure. We go over the logistics with you and can roll it out to your team. Our Pit Boss then manages the flow and timing of the game or tournament.

If you book a tournament, we condense tables as players are knocked out and we help you work toward setting the final table in a 1-2 hour time frame. For individual poker games, we can end the game after 1 hour and determine a winner for each table. Our two tiered software approach allows up to 100 guests to play or watch a tournament, including the final table, when we crown the big winner!

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