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virtual programs for festivals

From previous conversations, we know the needs in communities are all over the board and want to work with you to find solutions that fit yours. Many are moving to virtual learning spaces and virtual performances. If you are one looking to support your community members and children by programming virtually, know that we have programs already set up and ready to go for these performers:

animal farm

Musical Story Time with Farmer Dave
Join Farmer Dave for an interactive blend of music, movement, and educational comedy. Dave’s original music explores themes of social-emotional learning, community, self-expression, and the environment through the eyes of our furry, feathered, scaly, and shell-dwelling friends.  Learn more about his award-winning children’s music at

drive-in movies

Nationwide drive-in movies have been coming back and popping up even in the midst of this pandemic. As things start to open up and come back together, Drive-In movies are a great ‘safe’ way to bring people together in the comfort of their own car, but still together as one community, united! We are offering some specials and alternatives to maybe fill in the gap of some events that have had to cancel or be postponed.

istvan & his imaginary band

Just like any concert, Istvan’s virtual shows are a cool, cleverly crafted musical journey for kids and their families. Joining in from home or wherever you may be allows you to experience all the visuals Istvan has conjured even better than before. And of course you’ll get to hear classic as well as brand new songs performed by Istvan himself.

Not only that but the fun and your chances to be a part of the show continue when you go to to watch Istvan’s Imaginary Family Show. Istvan’s mini web series is a kids show that draws from the best parts of the past, present, and future. Video games, music tours, epic stories, and chances to win prizes are all happening at Istvan’s family YouTube channel.

Let’s make every day, in every way the best it can be.

jeanie b

  • Books n Boogie for the little readers! (for libraries): Jeanie B! will share favorite books and play songs that relate to those books! Always upbeat and promoting early literacy, Jeanie B! brings the Boogie to the books!
  • Picnic Party in Place! (for park districts): While we shelter in-place, we can party-in-place too! Jeanie B! knows how to engage a virtual audience in songs and stories about food, fun, and movement. Clear the dance floor, we don’t have to be together to have a rockin’ good time!

little miss ann

  • Parent – baby concert: Join Little Miss Ann as she sings and plays guitar for babies and toddlers (2yo and under) and their caregivers.  Little Miss Ann will sing classic songs as well as original songs. Songs will include fingerplay, scarves, puppets, bouncing, and more. It will be a lot of fun for all!
  • Early childhood kids music concert: Little Miss Ann plays guitar and sings upbeat, fun, interactive concerts aimed at kids 6 years old and under! There’ll be fingerplay, dancing, singing, jumping, musical books, puppets, and more! Can be performed as a solo or duo.

  • Kids music concert: Little Miss Ann plays upbeat, fun, interactive concerts for kids of various ages and families to share together. There’ll be singing, dancing, partner dancing, and a whole lot of fun! Can be performed as a solo or duo. 

magical balloon dude

Virtual Balloon Show: Your audience will be swept away by Dale’s balloon twisting choreographed to music! Each show is designed to allow the audience to relax and enjoy the moment. Behind every twist and joke is a veteran entertainer insuring that the unexpected pop will not deflate the fun.

  • Full studio broadcast capabilities
  • Professional sound and video quality
  • Customized time to meet your requirements
  • Help with Tech / Streaming
  • Preshow test to ensure a glitch-free experience
  • Royalty-free music
  • Family-friendly show

miss jamie's farm

  • miss jamie’s farmyard field trip

    Join Miss Jamie on a field trip from the city to her farm! Kids feed the animals, do chores, and plant seeds to grow crops – all virtually!

  • miss jamie’s big book show

    Miss Jamie’s beloved book and CD come to life before your eyes! Join fun characters Sweet Jen the Hen, Courtney the Cow, Prissy the Pig, Willie the Horse, and more in this imagination adventure that kids are sure to love!

  • miss jamie’s garden friends

    Kids plant fruits and veggies and learn about the seed cycle, pollinators, eating the colors of the rainbow, and more in a musical show that’s bound to delight and inspire.

  • miss jamie’s farmhands

    Kids help Miss Jamie around the farm on the tractor and learn about the legend of Miss O’Leary’s Cow and the Great Chicago Fire! Fun songs like “Bathtime” and “Brushy Brush Your Teeth” make this a program every kid can relate to and enjoy.

the rope warrior

Guinness World Record Holder, David Fisher, brings his visually entertaining jump rope show right into your living room! This interactive, educational, virtual show can be used at home for remote learning, as an in-school program, or a field trip. Students will learn valuable lessons about teamwork and not being afraid to make mistakes.  Throughout the show, The Rope Warrior will ask the audience to join in the jumping fun! With help of a GoPro camera, the audience can jump along and see what it’s like to do interactive jump rope skills like traveling and double-dutch.

Is the show educational? No bones about it! As The Rope Warrior jumps with a giant skeleton, students will learn all the major bones in the human body to a catchy new jump rope rhyme! David is also available for live Q&A sessions, as well as virtual jump rope workshops (each sold separately).

todd downing: tall tales & silly songs

Tall Tales and Silly Songs is an interactive virtual concert from start to finish. Todd asks questions and responds back throughout the show. A lot of that is pretend, but kids often don’t realize that!
Tall Tales and Silly Songs has kids singing along, moving their bodies, and lively storytelling! Todd offers shows for Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube live.

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