From previous conversations, we know the needs on campus are all over the board and want to work with you to find solutions that fit yours. Many are moving to virtual learning spaces. If you are one looking to support your students by programming virtually, know that we have programs already set up and ready to go for these performers:

virtual programs

angie keilhauer: singer/songwriter

Angie Keilhauer can do a live-streamed all-request show for your next virtual coffeehouse event! Angie’s expansive song catalog allows her to perform just about any song that you can request.

ashlee haze: poet

Check out all of Ashlee Haze’s workshops that can be done virtually:

  • Emotional safety & the art of connection
  • Coping Mechanism: a writing and release workshop
  • The fundamentals of art as business
  • 5-7-5: The Art of Haiku
  • Effective Communication
  • Courage and ethics for artists
  • Creative project management

carlos andrés gómez: poet & speaker

  • Equity & Inclusion in the Virtual World: Serving Marginalized Students During Shutdown

    • Description: Join Carlos Andrés Gómez (Poet, Author, & Educator) for this hour-long session focused on innovative ways to virtually connect with and engage marginalized students during this unprecedented moment.

      As many sectors of the world grind to a halt, marginalized students’ needs do not—instead becoming only more urgent and even intensified. So what do we do? How can we ensure that we remain responsive to them during this difficult time?

      This virtual gathering is focused on problem-solving, idea-sharing, and finding positive solutions to the shared concerns and challenges of navigating this new normal.

      (A great program idea for student leaders, educators, staff, and administrators at both the high school and college level.)

  • Getting Through: Finding Community in Isolation

    Description: Join Carlos Andrés Gómez (poet, author, educator) for this interactive session in which he shares innovative ways to connect with and engage students virtually.

    With pressure building each day to find ever innovative and creative ways to serve students studying remotely, this session will be focused on ways to keep students motivated and supported. Carlos will offer tangible strategies about how to build community while social distancing, as well as ideas to counteract the growing loneliness of a widespread shutdown.

    (Highly recommended for all college and high school student leaders, educators, staff, and administrators.)

  • Reimagining Gender: Beyond socialized roles, beyond the binary
  • Our Intersecting Selves: Diversity, identity. equity, & inclusion
  • Writing Through: Storytelling toward social justice
  • Tailored workshop for your school
  • Carlos can also host a virtual open mic/coffeehouse/campfire conversation as part of his programming options.

catharsis productions

  • The Hook Up: Unpacks the practice of hooking up & differentiates between healthy hook-ups, regretted hook-ups, & sexual assault.
  • U Got This!: Highly engaging, interactive, even fun program that changes students’ attitudes and encourages bystander intervention.
  • Report = Support!: Converts Title IX compliance mandates into a relatable and engaging virtual conversation for the employee user.

c.l. lindsay: speaker

  • Sex & the Law: Meets all Title IX requirements and will ensure that your students understand how the law applies to the more sordid parts of their lives.
  • Alcohol, Parties, & the Law: At some point every college student will be in a situation where their friends are making bad and potentially illegal decisions. This program prepares them and their friends to make better decisions.
  • Social Media, Technology, & the Law: Designed to make sure your students understand the potential pitfalls of being careless online.
  • Campus Free Speech: Will give your students a working knowledge of how the 1st amendment operates on public/private campuses including strategies and the best practices for real world situations. 
  • Hazing & the Law:  Addresses the culture that perpetuates hazing and give strategies—via ethical leadership—to eliminate it on your campus.

daniel martin: magician

“Innovative and engaging, Daniel Martin’s Magic Night In was exactly what my student board was looking for and raised the bar for virtual programming. The professional camerawork combined with the interactive chat/Q&A immediately elevated this program above our other virtual offerings for the semester. Would recommend and do again!”Richard Mahler Florida Atlantic University
  • Magic Night InStudents & staff will spend over an hour with Daniel online as he teaches them some of the most amazing magic that they can do with items they have around them in their home.

digital caricatures

With people across the country stuck indoors, who says the party has to stop? Virtual parties are trending more and more, and what better addition to the fun than a caricature artist? @nge!’s Virtual Party Digital Caricature act unites art, humor, and a festive flavor to any event.

A Zoom-enabled experience allows you to bring the laughter and style of talented digital caricature artists to your digital celebration.

Guests can be brought into the Caricature room 5-20 at a time to get have their drawing done. Each drawing takes about 5-7 minutes. Images are printable and post-able! JPG files are stored in a party exclusive Dropbox and immediately available for download.

Notable details:

  • 7-10 people/hour, full-color caricatures
  • Limit of 100 per party
  • Can be themed to event
  • Dropbox created for storage for 2 weeks for download
  • Printable
  • Post-able

ebony stewart: poet

Check out all of Ebony Stewart’s workshops that can be done virtually:

  • Let’s talk about sex
  • Sex, love & above
  • How do you woman?
  • Get free

escape rooms

Tommy Bennetti, a local crime boss, has hired you to discover the identity of two shooters who committed a mob hit at his club last Tuesday. Tommy’s tech guy has hacked into the police database to give your group access to all the collected evidence. Your group has to sort through all the evidence before the cops trace the connection back to Tommy. The evidence can be accessed online in groups or individually and teams will have access to group chats if team members are not in the same location. All clues are delivered electronically and players can participate from anywhere with a laptop or tablet. For the duration of the game, players will have access to select mob members via chat to answer any questions as they sift through the evidence.

evan struck: speed painter

Students & staff will spend over an hour with Evan Struck tuning in live to his virtual Speed Painting Show. Viewers will get to experience his personal studio and watch him create stunning paintings that they will have the opportunity to win! Students will  get the chance to ask questions and put in requests on what they want to see painted live. Evan will also give a unique demo on what goes into his painting style. 

goli gabbay: health & wellness speaker

  • From Stress to Serenity: Participants learn hands-on practices to relieve stress/anxiety and have a transformative experience of deep relaxation, calm, and well-being.
  • Let’s Save the Earth: Learn about the most effective ways to improve our health and reduce our impact on the global environment.

jacob williams: comedian

Jacob Williams has over 12 years of comedy-performing experience and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central and 9 seasons of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. His virtual show options include:
  • A 60-minute interactive stand-up comedy show + audience Q & A
  • MC-ing student events including talent shows and open mics
  • Running an interactive improv workshop with improv games from Wild ‘N Out and his training at various comedy theaters including Second City, UCB, and the Magnet Theater.
All events can also feature a virtual meet-and-greet and personalized-message videos with shoutouts for students from Jacob

marcus monroe: comedy juggler

Join Marcus Monroe in a 30-minute comedy juggling show followed by:

  • Interactive Juggling Workshop (Learn how to juggle fast!)
  • AMA: Ask Marcus Anything! A modern Q and A with Marcus to answer all your burning questions. Hopefully, not literally. 

myq kaplan: comedian

During these weird times, why not spend some of your weird time with this weird guy!
Connect virtually and get a one-of-a-kind personalized comedy show featuring standup comedy jokes, quarantine tips, life advice, philosophy, solidarity, and more, in an interactive experience featuring Myq Kaplan and your students! While he can’t get to your school right now, Myq is happy to invite you electronically into his home, heart, and comedy brain. Via Facebook Live, Google Hangout, Zoom, or whatever makes the most technological sense for you.

rachel sheerin: speaker

Check out all of Rachel’s workshops and programs that can be done virtually:

1. Resume writing for success
2. Build an awesome LinkedIn profile +  getting noticed professionally online
3. Crushing the Job Hunt: How to apply, rock an interview and get a job you love
4. Video Star: How to set up, show up and be your awesome self in online videos
5. Positive Perspectives: How to retrain your brain for happiness and how to influence others around you  
6. Rockstar Leadership 101: A bootcamp for young leaders who want to make a big difference in their world
7. Money Isn’t Scary: Empower your money mindset and get comfortable gaining wealth in your life
8. Tough Times: How to handle stress, change and the unknown in your world, life and self

1. Mentorship Bootcamp: How to build + launch an effective mentorship program
2. An Expert’s Guide to Awesome Virtual Communication: How to be as awesome working-from-home as you are in real life
3. Leadership, Trust and Crisis: How to manage teams through rapidly changing events, goals and structure
4. Superpowers for Service: How to be a superhero for your students, team and organization
5. Asking for Greatness: How to ask for what you want, get it and feel good
6. Expectations + Boundaries: How to set them, mind them, and communicate them to your students, peers and leadership
7. From Good To Great: Building team and internal relationships full of trust, respect and understanding
8. Hiring Happy: How to attract, hire, train and keep great team members and leaders!
9. How to Say NO with a Smile: A lesson for chronic over-helping, over-committing, burned out education professionals
10. Mindset of Greatness: How to train your brain to self-motivate, self-energize and self-care
11. Creating an Incredible Event in the Virtual Space: Learn the best tools, tips, and event design strategies to make your virtual meetings, gatherings and events awesome and engaging
12. Impactful Presentations: How to deliver content, engage audiences and make viewers FEEL in the virtual video space.
13. Working From Oh-NO: How to manage the transition to Work From Home in stressful times with your campus
14. Digital Do’s and Don’ts: Your guide to best practices, etiquette, and misunderstandings online

sungbeats: beatboxer & live looper

  • Learn how to beatbox with beatbox champion SungBeats! He will provide an interactive workshop/lesson where your students will learn the basics of beatboxing. Your students and staff will have a blast learning basic drum sounds, vocal scratching, and sound effects in a way that is relatable and fun. SungBeats will also showcase a custom tailored beatbox song just for your school.

the stress test

The Stress Test was developed to break the stigma of mental health awareness on campus, and facilitate a custom conversation about mindfulness, mental health, & self-care. 

From Day 1, The Stress Test has reinforced the mantra “You Are Not Alone” from campus to campus. Now, more than ever, that message rings true, and we have adapted and reacted to the current climate to offer smaller, more targeted Student Leader Sessions

Student Leader Sessions

Due to current circumstances, many Student Leaders are left feeling without purpose. Organizations & groups have been forced to cancel due to social distancing. The Stress Test is offering workshop sessions for Student Leaders to guide them in disseminating information and resources to their peers. 

Through online meeting platforms, resources will be shared on topics such as: 

  • Short Term & Long Term Goal Setting
  • Self- Care
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Organization
  • Facilitating Conversations with those in need. 
  • Beneficial Reference Material (YouTube Channels, Podcasts, Books)

Student Leader Sessions are customized and tailored to each campus, as needs are unique to each location. Our main objective during this unique time is to provide students with a sense of purpose, the tools to grow and the resources to share with their peers. 

virtual glow

  • Private experience in the comfort and safety of your home.
  • Allows a community to dance together in social distance.
  • Glowers can interact with Virtual Glow and colleagues, bringing your community closer together.
  • Live DJs are behind a full size visual production with real tour grade equipment and lighting designers, just as in our physical experiences.


These activities will be drop-shipped to you.