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Why book a virtual program?

  • Virtual events DO NOT risk the programming vulnerabilities of a live show. These events can go forward regardless, even if there’s a blizzard or another wave of the pandemic.
  • Virtual events are more accessible, for those with challenges to attend the event or, generally, rarely attend live events. The event can be marketed to several satellite campuses or a variety of silos within your school community who might not typically (or ever) attend the same live event, as well as impulse attendees who tune in because of ease of access (by smartphone).

If you are looking to support your students by programming virtually, know that we have programs already set up and ready to go for the below performers. Click on the images to find out more information for each artist. Ask us about our 5 for $5,500 deal that is available for select virtual programs!

5 for $5500 incentive

The pricing below is discounted from regular virtual pricing for schools booking at least 5 programs. You keep booking and we’ll keep discounting! Discounted programs can be confirmed for any date in the 2020/2021 school year.

The fine print:

To take advantage of the 5 for $5,500 package, the pricing of your preferred programs must equal out to a total of $5,500. Ideally, you would pick one program from column 1 ($1,500) and 4 programs from column 2 ($1,000) totaling out to $5,500. If you would like to book additional programs to the recommended 5 program structure, we will continue to discount the programs based on the 2 column price structure (All artists in column 1 are $1,500 and all artists in column 2 are $1,000).


christopher carter: mentalist

hypnosis experience

daniel martin: magic night in

marcus monroe: comedian juggler

digital caricatures

sean bott: mentalist

evan struck:
speed painter

coffeehouse performers

angie keilhauer

kevin daniel

phillip-michael scales

sungbeats: beatboxer & live looper


america’s best college poet

ebony stewart

ashlee haze

katie kramer

carlos andrés gómez

carlos robson

special events

drive-in movie

nerdology trivia game show

escape rooms

silent disco

esport tournaments

virtual casino night

hollywood murder mystery

virtual glow

live band karaoke

virtual poker

compliance/educational speakers

a shot of reality: alcohol awareness program

dustin york: leadership speaker

sex signals: sexual assault awareness program

c.l. lindsay: expert on student rights & the law

goli gabbay: health & wellness speaker

Stress test: health & wellness lecture

chris carter: leadership speaker

greg baird: lgbtq speaker

clint pulver: leadership speaker

rachel sheerin: leadership speaker

dare to speak: diversity

say what?!: diversity program


custom face masks


virtual photo booth

Word Art


anthony moore

michael palascak

chris james

moe yaqub

Jacob Williams

myq kaplan

jeff scheen

ryan conner

joe & nick’s vcr party

national acts

drag queen bingo

virtual cooking class

virtual national headliners