why book wellness within as a virtual program?

Wellness Within was developed to break the stigma of mental health awareness on campus, and facilitate a custom conversation about mindfulness, mental health, & self-care. 

From Day 1, Wellness Within has reinforced the mantra “You Are Not Alone” from campus to campus. Now, more than ever, that message rings true, and we have adapted and reacted to the current climate to offer smaller, more targeted Student Leader Sessions

Student Leader Sessions

Due to current circumstances, many Student Leaders are left feeling without purpose. Organizations & groups have been forced to cancel due to social distancing. Wellness Within is offering workshop sessions for Student Leaders to guide them in disseminating information and resources to their peers. 

Through online meeting platforms, resources will be shared on topics such as: 

  • Short Term & Long Term Goal Setting
  • Self- Care
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Organization
  • Facilitating Conversations with those in need. 
  • Beneficial Reference Material (YouTube Channels, Podcasts, Books)

Student Leader Sessions are customized and tailored to each campus, as needs are unique to each location. Our main objective during this unique time is to provide students with a sense of purpose, the tools to grow and the resources to share with their peers. 

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