“Zach put on a highly entertaining hypnosis show using creative techniques and easily connected to college students in ways I’ve never seen other hypnotists do!” Alpha Phi Omega, University of New Hampshire

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Zach Pincince is one of the youngest stage hypnotists in the nation. He brings a youthful energy and innovation to his unique show that is unlike any other hypnotist you’ve ever seen.

Zach always has the best interest of the students in mind and brings a fresh perspective to the stage that connects with a college audience in a very real and interactive way.

Each show is highly entertaining without being highly embarrassing for the volunteers. As the “Impact Entertainer” Zach demonstrates that hypnosis can still be hilarious and fun without having to humiliate anyone in the process.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ZachPincince

ask about a roving hypnosis show!

What if you didn’t need a stage to do hypnosis? What if ANYONE could experience the incredible sensation of being hypnotized ANYTIME and ANYWHERE? 

Like the famous David Blaine with street magic, Zach Pincince will wow you with his “street hypnosis” and amaze you with just how quickly he can hypnotize anyone.

With his spontaneous hypnotic escapades having accumulated MILLIONS of views on YouTube, Zach’s roving hypnosis is the perfect flexible entertainment for any event needing a no-stage-required alternative.

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