why book zip line?

Their R&D team has invested years of careful testing and design refinement to bring you the first commercially available mobile zip line (multiple patents-pending).

The ride is easily accessible by staircase which meets OSHA and ASTM requirements. At the top of the stairs the rider is protected from fall exposure until they are safely connected to the zip line. The rider is able to step off the platform only after the operator moves the Rotating Safety Gate to the open position.

We have developed a patent-pending device called the Auto-Retract® that slows only the last portion of the ride. It is a mechanized device that replaces the old method of stopping zip line riders by hand. It also returns the trolley to the top of the zip line, hence the name “Auto-Retract®.” This innovative brake technology solves one of the most dangerous aspects of zip lines – the stop.

The Mobile Zip Line is easy to setup. Our 12 volt hydraulic lift system stands the tower into place at the touch of a button. Zip lines are secured to vehicles and the inflatable walls are positioned as backup stop devices. Setup time is around 30 minutes.

POWER:  (1) -Isolated  20 amp electrical circuits/ (2) outlets (near the anchor end).

TOWING DIMENSIONS:  Zip line trailer in tow is 11’. 11” H x 38’L x 9’ W  (truck is in addition to the trailer dimensions).  Some overpasses, bridges, etc. may be too low.  

Space Requirements:  Actual dimensions is 200’L x 25’W x 28’H.  

Set up area:  200’ L x 40’ W x 30’ H.  Must be able to drive up to set up site (trailer –mounted).  Additional cleared space around the perimeter of the zip line is required for maneuvering during set up & strike.  Must be able to move around like a large school bus would.

Volunteers:   Purchaser is required to provide (3 -4) volunteer(s) to help run this event.

Additional:  NO overhead power lines. Needs to be in a well-lit area.  (1) 8 ft table & 2 chairs.

All set up sites must be Relatively LEVEL and DRY.

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