Sky Fall Stunt Jump – Ever wonder what it is like for a stunt man to fall on one of those inflated beds after falling from a building? You can now safely get the exciting feel of landing in one of these life saving beds. Zero Shock is the amazing technology that brings this experience to… [Continue Reading]

Sky Fall Stunt Jump

Odd?Rod – Bio: Odd?Rod is a young man with an inspirational story of overcoming the adversities of growing up in poverty with a drug-addicted mother and an absent father. Separating his lecture-based workshop from most spoken-word shows is his ability to charismatically react to the audience. The show is more of a conversation than a… [Continue Reading]


Jason LeVasseur Keynotes – Workshops – Concerts Highlights: Jason is the most awarded music performer in the history of campus entertainment Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Award Winner: Solo Performer of The Year Male Performer of The Year Music Performer of The Year Small Venue Performer of The Year Featured presenter and workshop facilitator at… [Continue Reading]

Jason LeVasseur Speaker 1

Mentalist Christopher Carter – Highlights: Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards “2014 Winner Best Male Performer” “2013 Nominee Entertainer of the Year” “2012 Runner Up Best Live Novelty” “2006 Winner Best Performer” He can read your mind… Bio: Mentalist Christopher Carter’s show, Theater of Thoughts, proves to audiences why he is recognized as one of… [Continue Reading]

Christopher Carter 1