Expert Guide to Planning Your Next Event

Hello and welcome!

Maybe you’re new to your position and the field (if so, we’re SO excited to meet you!) and maybe you’re an old pro – looking for some resources to pass along to your students. Either way, thanks for checking out this guide.

We here at Bass/Schuler have always considered ourselves your partner in programming; a teammate looking to connect you with the best performer/product for your event and we understand that these past couple of years have been a bear. More than ever, people are working with unfilled positions in the office, new events teams who have never done a live event before and exhaustion and burnout levels we never thought possible.

Whatever your story, we hope you find the following pages helpful in guiding students, staff or yourself through planning your event.

Please know we are always happy to jump on a zoom or call to talk through best practices, successful events we’ve seen on similar campuses or point you in the right direction if we don’t have what you’re needing.

We have been around for over 20 years and our promise to you remains the same: Premium Talent, Impeccable Service and a Friendly Staff.

Can’t wait to talk –

Scott, Chris and Matt

Bass/Schuler Resource Guide

Download our Resource Guide for email templates, checklists, and more to help you achieve a successful year!

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