NERDOLOGY! Think you know a lot about a lot? Are you the one who always seems to have the answers to your friends’ questions about pop-culture, video games, and comic books? Do you rarely need to Google stuff? Then put a team together and come for the infectiously fun show, Nerdology! This program is an […]

Text Wars

Text Wars is a 75 minute game show hosted by Jimmy Failla and Ryan Reiss, two national headlining comedians. In Text Wars, audience members casually compete for cash prizes, as the hosts test their “college life” knowledge with trivia questions. When contestants think they might know an answer, they text it in. If they are […]


“It was fantastic. Our students LOVED it. Several students stayed around after the show just to tell me that he MUST come back again next year. They really enjoyed Grant and the show.” -Katie Mosley Director of Student Involvement and Service LaGrange College Highlights: Tired of trivia?  How about winning money while dancing, dating, or […]

High Energy Trivia

– Our comedic emcee chooses contestants from your group – Four pairs of students compete at once – Audience members spin our “pop culture wheel” for trivia topics – Cool music and sound effects make the stage feel like a LIVE TV production – 5-9 questions are asked from each wheel spin – In 55 minutes, […]

Hollywood Blitz

Every night millions of TV viewers play along with their favorite game shows. Buying a vowel – blurting out answers. It’s as American as apple pie. We’ve created our own entertaining and challenging program with Hollywood-style showmanship – it’s a blitz! This program is a great Ice-Breaker as participants really get to know one another […]

Music Mayhem

Grab the Bucks

A thrilling game show where randomly selected members of the audience, participate in wild and crazy games. The final winner enters the Bucks Booth and grabs as many dollars as possible, as they swirl about the chamber. Grab up to $500.00 in cold hard cash! Catch the fun, excitement and prizes! You could be the […]