Iceless Curling Rink

        Bring that Olympic Sport to your next event with our portable curling rink. Curling is a game similar to Shuffleboard, whereby participants try to slide their “stone” as close to the target as possible. Points are assigned by where the stone ends up in the concentric circles. It takes some practice, […]

Connect Four

Just like the small table game you can play at home, but much more visual and interactive.  The goal of the game is for two people, or two teams to get 4 of the same color, in a row; vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win the game. But the other team is always watching and […]

Super Surgery

Our Super Surgery patient has “had some work done”. He is now gorgeous, complete with a new black skirt!  He still requires some surgical work, so we count on participants to help him get those pesky body parts out of those “body cavities” using the oversized forceps. The only problem is, if the metal forceps […]

Giant Checkers

Gives new meaning to the words The Big Game. Our Giant Chess measures 10’ x 10’ with checkers measuring about 10” in diameter.    GIANT CHESS REQUIREMENTS Level surface. ATTRACTION SIZE (L x W  x  H) 10 x 10 ATTENDANTS Not attended. SUGGESTED AGE/SIZE/WEIGHT Ages 8+up. USAGE PER HOUR 10 quick games per hour. LIABILITY […]

Safe Archery

 Safe Archery Participants, using soft tipped arrows, attempt to knock down balls floating on columns of air. Challenging and fun, and a new experience for most. Each participant gets 8 arrows to try. Eye protection is required and provided.             SAFE ARCHERY SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS Requires 1-20 amp dedicated circuit, 1 […]

Archery Tag

 Archery Tag Archery Tag® is played similar to dodgeball with our bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. Don’t miss out on Tag … The game you never outgrow! Participant play takes place within area containing 25 bunkers to hide behind and strategize from. Can […]

Giant Chess

 Giant Chess Gives new meaning to the words The Big Game. Our Giant checkers measures 10’ x 10’ with chess pieces measuring between 10 and 12 inches.    GIANT CHESS REQUIREMENTS Level surface. ATTRACTION SIZE (L x W  x  H) 10 x 10 ATTENDANTS Not attended. SUGGESTED AGE/SIZE/WEIGHT Ages 8+up. USAGE PER HOUR 10 quick […]

Pillow Bash

Participants balance astride a long padded pole extended over a large inflated mattress. Without holding on to their seat, each player wields a pillow and swings to hit and knock their opponent off the balance pole. Last participant sitting wins. Participants wear head guards for protection.               PILLOW BASH […]

Roller Skating Rink

 Roller Skating Rink Our New Roller Skating Rink is great surface for skating fun enjoyed inside or outside in any weather. Rink is made of interlocking pieces that are smooth when put together. Skaters can feel no discernable edges. We lay down a tarp to protect your surface first prior to setup. Our only requirement […]

Crane Machine

Enjoy a crane machine at your next event. Fill it with cute stuffed animals (6” – 8”) or small toys of your choice. Crane can be adjusted to “free” play for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs and children’s parties. The level of difficulty can be changed to allow for participants to succeed. Time is also adjustable. […]

Bungee Sports Challenge

  About Bungee Sports Challenge: Each contestant, tethered to the same bungee cord, which goes through the center bunker, runs in opposing directions toward their own goal. As one person gains ground, the other loses ground. The goal is to attempt to make a basket in their own goal at their end of the inflatable. […]

Obstacle Course

GO! Two contestants race over walls, through tunnels, across inflated bunkers and obstacles to get to the finish line first. OBSTACLE COURSE SPECIFICS REQUIREMENTS Requires 1-20 amp dedicated circuits and a level, dry operating surface. ATTRACTION SIZE (L x W x H) 40’x15’x10’’ ATTENDANTS Includes 1 attendant SUGGESTED AGE/SIZE/WEIGHT Participants must 8+up USAGE PER HOUR […]

Human Bowling

 About Human Bowling: Try our new Human Bowling using a bubble ball. Participant gets into a bubble ball and runs towards the 6 huge bowling pins and throws him/herself into the triangle of pins to as many down as they can. Easy to get into inflated Bubble Ball makes it easier and more fun to […]


Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing? The game is housed in a 30′ x 30′ […]

Adrenaline Rush Extreme

This fabulous obstacle course will run two energetic participants ragged. Designed as two identical obstacle courses, mirror images of each other. Participants run, jump, climb, squeeze and slide their way through 80 feet of wackiness to the finish line.

Bubble Soccer

A crazy game of soccer, 5 on 5, will have you bouncing against each other (and the floor) in your very own Bubble Soccer Bubble. Each team is color coded, red or blue, and the rules are the same, no touching the ball with your hands (you can’t even try it). You are encased in […]

Massage Chairs

        Robotic Massage Chairs Features:     Quad-Roller Massage Mechanism follows the contour of your spine     Built in Remote that can be taken out of the armrest!     Adjustable Headrest \ Lumbar Pillow     4 Modes: Kneading, Compression, Percussion, Rolling.     3 Programs: Full Back, Upper Back, […]

Stunt Jump

Ever wonder what it is like for a stunt man to fall on one of those inflated beds after falling from a building? You can now safely get the exciting feel of landing in one of these life saving beds. Zero Shock is the amazing technology that brings this experience to life. It is the most […]

100 Drums

Let us bring “100 Drums” Drum Circle to your school or event. We bring musical percussion instruments and a great experienced facilitator who will run your event. No experience needed by participants. Just a willingness to learn try new things within a group setting. You’ll be taught all you need to know to participate in […]

Bobble Noggins

Bobble Noggins is a fun photographic party favor that can last for a long time. Your Bobble Noggin will get regular favorable comments from your friends, family and office mates. People will enjoy the action posed body with your oversized head bouncing on it. Bobble Noggins is a combination of a photo of your head […]

Spot My Photos

At your next event, get MORE out of your event photography. Add Spot My Photos, an ingenious upgrade to our superb event photographer. Large amounts of photos with your organization’s brand are circulated to guests either in real-time or after an event. As photos are taken, guests have the option to register to receive the […]

Game Hero

Your guests become the main character or “Hero” in their very own mobile app. When created, personalized game app can be downloaded to their smart phone or tablet, Apple or Android, immediately with a Wi-Fi connection! Here’s how it works: Step 1 Participant chooses one of the 3 game choices. Step 2 Future Hero puts […]

Mechanical Bull

The Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is a real Wild West Adventure! Get into the theme of a real wild west rodeo: using our lightweight motion base the Deluxe Bull is enhanced by the themed western corral inflatable and the mean looking Macho Bull body. Safety is paramount so the Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted […]

Get Zombied

Get painted like a zombie!   Add a photo booth and show a zombie movie on our gigantic inflatable movie screen for a complete zombie themed event!

Air Graffiti Wall

A new state-of-the-art attraction for creating digital graffiti at events using a laptop, projection screen and an infrared can. Guests press on the spray can and aim it at the screen to “digitally” paint on their screen photo or background. Guests spray from a huge palatte of colors, adjust the width of their lines or […]

Iceless Skating Rink

Our Iceless Skating Rink is great slippery skating fun enjoyed inside or outside in any weather. Imagine ice skating in a tank top, and without all that heavy outerwear! And, if you fall, you don’t get wet. Rink is made of high-density interlocking pieces that are totally smooth when put together. Our only requirement is […]

Zip Line

Their R&D team has invested years of careful testing and design refinement to bring you the first commercially available mobile zip line (multiple patents-pending). The ride is easily accessible by staircase which meets OSHA and ASTM requirements. At the top of the stairs the rider is protected from fall exposure until they are safely connected to […]


Perform in your own music video produced with the latest digital technology. No longer is this the age of Star Wars special effects; we are in the times of The Matrix. We furnish a huge variety of music and virtual backgrounds for future stars. With MegaFlix you can lip sync, you can perform by yourself […]

Oxygen Bar

                It’s OK to Inhale with our new 4 person oxygen bar. Beautiful kiosk with 4 separate selections, each with a stool. Participants can sit relax and breathe in any one of 16 different aromas mixed with fresh oxygen. It can clear the mind and invigorate all at […]


Climbing Wall

Available inside or out!

Hi Ball

Play an interactive game of volleyball and basketball at the same time. Players try to throw their basketball into the basket across the net. What makes it difficult is that everyone else is trying to score too and bouncing on the inflated surface at the same time. Fact paced action. This can be played in […]

Euro Bungy

Up to 4 people at a time can enjoy our Euro Bungy. After getting harnessed in, each participant bounces on the air filled trampoline to go higher and higher. Participants are harnessed in so they bounce directly over the trampoline and can do forward and backward flips safely. It’s amazing the heights you can achieve, […]

Text Messaging Live

Text Live to your friends all night long! Live American Idol-style voting! Trivia contests! Live interaction at the event! Advertisements or announcements on the screen! All content screened before going live. Perfect for any function where video is already being used: Assemblies, Concerts, Dance Parties, Movie Nights, Socials, Lectures, etc. We can hook up to […]

Nascar Simulator

Provided by Sports Center Marketing For this Simulator, we start by buying a retired Winston Cup NASCAR race car, either a Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, or Pontiac.We then custom fit a driver’s door in the left side of the car, while maintaining the realistic race car interior. Next, a custom built 6-point hydraulic system is installed […]

M-4 Motion Simulator

Are you looking for adventure, thrills, 360 degree rolls? Then come fly with us! The M-4 simulator will carry you through the excitement and fun that people of all ages are looking for. This simulator flips you totally upside down in a 360 degree rotation while giving you the feeling of what pilots face while […]

Sing Out a Tune

Are you a karaoke king or queen? Do you often find yourself singing in the shower? Whether you can sing, or think you can sing, you’re guaranteed a good time with Sing-Out-A-Tune – Make Your Own CD. Lock yourself in our soundproof booth and sing your heart out to one of thousands of hit songs. […]

Dance Heads

A new captivating and innovative party entertainment is taking the U.S. by storm. Dance Heads”! will keep guests of all ages entertained and coming back for more! Not just lip-synching, not karaoke. Dance Heads”! superimposes participants’ heads on professional dancers’ bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. […]

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance your way to fun with this exciting new attraction featuring songs from some of the newest, most popular artists. Participants choose their song and dance style. While watching directional arrows on the tv monitor, dancers match their feet to the action. Two dancers can compete against one another for the top score. Accommodates individual/single […]

Haunted/Glow Laser Tag

“The new wave of the future for Laser Tag fun!” Dynamic, High Impact, High Speed Giant Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag Battle Field. 23 Inflatable Bunkers 10 Hi-Tech Guns/Vests 42″ Plasma + 6′ Stand for Real Time Team Scoring Music Attendant   And our GLOW or Fright Fest Ultimate Laser Tag adds: 4 Giant Black Lights on […]

Blaster Ball

Participants, using high powered air canons, shoot light weight foam balls at each other to knock opposing players out of the game. There are 25 large inflated obstacles to hide behind, which can be configured to suit your location. Participants must wear protective vests and face masks. Sound system with continuous music plays in background. […]

Ultimate Laser Tag

25 Large Obstacles to hide behind.  Positioned to fit your location. Digital Scoring and Display DJ Lighting Fog (if allowed at your location) Continuous Music Color Changing & Indentifying team vests 5 players/team, 2 teams Heavy Duty Infrared Guns