Goli Gabbay

health & wellness expert • leadership • sustainable lifestyle advocate Educational Programs:  Program 1: The feel good experience. Well-being now! Through this interactive program, you will gain natural tools to hack stress and anxiety and learn how to manage and uplift your own state of mental, emotional and physical health. Goli will lead you to […]

360 Active Campus

 About 360 Active Campus: How an active lifestyle improves your health as well as your grades! Bring your life full circle. If you walk into any college dorm room across the nation, you’ll see some of the most creative and unhealthy meals. College students consume anything and everything, from pop tarts and ramen noodles, to […]

Orientation Icebreaker & Networking

Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Meet & Greet Large group networking activities and icebreakers. Want to bring people together to create a campus community that is considerate, caring, and engaged? This exciting program is perfect for the first day of new student orientation, first day of summer camp, and is a meaningful way to […]

Matt Glowacki

About Matt: -Has delivered his messages of diversity to over a million people and two sitting Presidents of the United States -Most-booked diversity speaker on college campuses for the past 10 years -His presentations teach students how to find happiness, develop a better understanding of social justice and diversity, and how to see potential in […]

The Stress Test

  The Stress Test provides customized, interactive sessions with students interested in: Mindfulness & Leadership Development Transition & Change Management (Social Life / Newfound Freedom / etc.) Mental Health Awareness (Stress / Anxiety / Panic) Learning to lead: help yourself to better mental health. Today’s college students are facing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. […]

Leadership Keynotes & Workshops

Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Project® Creative leadership programs and orientation events for students, staff, and faculty. Award-winning musician, keynote speaker and summer camp program director, Jason LeVasseur, will inspire, motivate, and educate your students and staff with one of his many leadership programs. He is available for leadership and orientation keynotes, retreats and […]

Love G.E.A.R.S.

Love G.E.A.R.S. is the interactive, educational, comedic semi-lecture…with group therapy to boot! “It’s a great orientation package—the relationship show during the day and the game show at night is a great one-two punch!” – Alysa Tulibaski, University of Minnesota – Crookston   Highlights: Wondering how to make more friends and improve your existing friendships? Want […]

Student Body Language

“The Body Language event was a tremendous success.  Students were wildly enthusiastic in their praise of Christopher Carter’s presentation.  I heard more positive, exemplary comments from our students about this presentation than any other here at the college to date!  Fantastic! Carter is a magician both with words and with non-verbals!” – Rick Plummer, West […]