Grad Pack

Looking for a gift that will make an impact on your graduating seniors?

We have curated a list of topics providing practical tools, presented by some of the best in the business and pre-recorded especially for the class of 2021.

How it works:

  1. Take a look at the list below and choose your topics
  2. We can do as many as you like and have discounts available on multi-packs! Starting at just a few bucks a graduate, it’s an economical option!
  3. Reach out to your agent and we will get you our paperwork for payment and the links requested.
  4. Once you have the links, you can distribute how you see fit to your students. There’s no messing around with trying to find addresses or worrying about shipping – these are able to be viewed immediately! The videos will be available through the remainder of 2021 so your seniors can watch and re-watch them at their leisure!

Questions? Give us a call – we’d love to help!

The Credibility Advantage
Body language and communication skills are critical for career success! Professional presence is all about communication, especially our non-verbal communication. In this program, Christopher teaches participants the body language and conversational skills that convey an image of competence and credibility in the workplace, during job interviews, and in video conferencing.

networking during corona
How do you professionally network from your living room? No problem. This tactical session gives seniors the step-by-step approach along with exact messages to use.

linkedin like a pro
More than ever, seniors’ LinkedIn accounts needs to be top notch. How do students “sell” themselves on LinkedIn to potential employers? This tactical session provides the tips and hacks to excel on their LinkedIn account.

interviewing digitally and in person
The graduating class needs to be prepared to interview not only in person, but more importantly, digitally. This session provides seniors with the steps they need to crush their job interviews.

salary negotiation
Once a graduate receives a job offer, should they accept on the spot? Never. This tactical session provides students a step-by-step process to review an offer along with scripts to use when negotiating their first entry-level salary.

digital personal branding
More than ever, graduates must prepare their digital personal brand. From social media changes to how to create a “digital billboard” for students’ professional brand – this session provides tactical tips and tricks to boost their digital brand.

money & happiness in the first 5 years post graduation: a tactical roadmap
The first five years after graduation is an indicator of career and personal growth. In this incredibly engaging session, Dr. York presents actionable steps to be the top 10% paid and happy in your 20s. Graduating in economic uncertainty of 2021? Dr. York graduated during the height of the Great Recession, and with these steps earned 30 Under 30.

write your story
Congratulations, you have conquered college! You have now put a period to the college chapter of your book. But what are you going to write next? You have your hand on the pen that will write the story of your life. You can write anything, let’s make sure it’s filled with badass stories.

living imperfectly
Get ready to illuminate patterns of “I’m not enough” and learn how to get out of your own way! With the prevailing theme of, “you are enough”, the audience will leave with the tools and motivation to get over their imposter syndrome and live imperfectly during these extremely imperfect times.

find your third place: chasing “work/life balance” during the madness
This introspective session will help audiences understand how a “Third Place” can add more stability at work and home, create more impactful stories, and, most importantly, generate a more fulfilling life.

write well, get noticed: resume writing for success
1st Impressions count, so make sure your resume is as awesome as you are. Rachel will help you design, write, and strategize a resume that gets noticed!

build an awesome linkedin profile + getting noticed professionally online
You might think social media is easy, but LinkedIn is a whole different arena. In this webinar, you’ll learn what makes a great LinkedIn profile, how to build one, and strategies for engagement that builds professional relationships.

crushing the job hunt: how to apply, rock an interview, and get a job you love
Getting the job you want isn’t as simple as it should be – learn the tips and tricks to get to the top of hiring inboxes, how to stand out from the competition in phone and in-person interviews, and recognize when a job is the right fit for you!

video star: how to set up, show up, and be your awesome self in online videos, virtual interviews, and more!
Want to show up like a pro on social media, in interviews, and more? Learn the tricks from a professional presenter on how to look and sound flawless on a budget!

positive perspectives: how to retrain your brain for happiness and how to influence others around you
Life isn’t a highway, it’s a rollercoaster – are you buckled in for safety? In this fast-paced, fun webinar, you’ll learn the key practices used by high performers, billionaires, athletes, and more to supercharge your brain and life for happiness!

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