Into the Unknown

We are in uncharted waters…unknown territories…new realities. Whatever cliché you want to use.

I’m a mom. A mom to 2 little girls. As a parent (and for many non-parents too), Disney+’s decision to release Frozen II early was the content we needed. March in Minnesota isn’t always conducive to getting outside, so right now thanks to Disney+, I’m all, “Into the unknown…. into the unknoowwwwwnnnnnn… into the unnnnnnkkkkkoooooowwwwwnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

These are crazy times: sending students home early, cancelling everything under the sun, taking programming online. We are all navigating decisions where best practices don’t exist. I talk about it a lot with my 6-year-old and have to say again and again, “I’ve never seen anything like this”. She is shocked…because If I’m however many years old, how can she have to deal with it now at 6? I hear you baby…I hear you.

But what if we try to find the silver lining in all of it? What if we lean in to the uncomfortable? What if we do what everyone says we should and make lemonade out of these lemons? But how? Let’s go “Into the Unknown” together:

“Are you out there, do you know me, can you feel me, can you show me?”

CONNECT with one another. Who knew we’d actually all end up loving Zoom??? Bye-Bye boring meetings – hello engaged communities! I’ve had support groups with other agents, meetings with clients, coffee with friends, and wine nights for sure. Heck, my friend Melissa, made their annual family St. Patty’s Day Party a virtual experience. Get creative and make sure you are utilizing your technology to make the most of these situations. I’ve seen so many great ideas in the Facebook Virtual Ideas groups to keep students engaged with photo contests, trivia, BINGO, and more. Keep up the good work – you are doing what you do best and making sure people still feel SEEN!

“Or are you someone out there who’s a little bit like me”

HELP. See how you can still make a difference in your community. Are you dropping meals on doorsteps for those at risk and can’t leave their house? Are you walking dogs for those in your neighborhood who are scared to go out? If you have the means are you buying gift cards from local businesses to help them get through all of the shutdowns? Can you pick up a few extra things when you get to the grocery store to support food shelves in your area? Are you connecting via social media or virtually with family members or friends who are unable to leave their community? Check on your strong friends. A quick text to let someone know you are thinking of them will do more than you even know. “Everyone I’ve ever loved is here within these walls”

EMBRACE social distancing. Trust me friends – I am an extreme extrovert, and nothing gives me anxiety like telling me I can’t go “out”. But I also understand this reality is bigger than me. I know being a parent, a teacher, and a worker is hard. But lean into that difficulty. Try to keep up your routines to make life feel normal.

  • If you’re used to using two monitors and love your desk chair, bring it with you to your new space!
  • Challenge yourself to complete a task in 30 minutes less than what you think it will take – I bet you’ll get more done than you imagined you could.
  • Write your 3 non-negotiables down for the day – even a small sense of accomplishment goes a long way in times of uncertainty.
  • If you have kids at home, have them help in making their own schedule!
  • If your responsibilities have lessened, maybe it’s time to deep clean your closet you’ve been meaning to do for the last year.
  • Teach yourself how to roll sushi.

It’s really about doing things that make you happy. And once you feel productive enough, give yourself permission to sit on your couch and chill.

So as we move into this next chapter of our lives, please remember to keep an open mind and lean into the uncomfortable. It’s the best gift we can give each other. We can move uncomfortably and awkwardly “into the unknown”.

At Bass-Schuler, we are here for you as you find your new space. If you are a campus looking for virtual programs, we can help. And once things have calmed down, let’s talk fall. We can’t wait to connect with you when you’re ready.

Elbow bumps and ankle taps, Sue, Chris, Scott and the whole BSE team.


Sue, Chris, Scott and the whole BSE team

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