Spooky Programming

For many schools, the Halloween season is one of the busiest times for events. Why not continue that success year-round? Here is a list of off-the-beaten-path spooky holidays and events that your students will love. Make sure to read to the end to learn how you can get a free virtual Tarot or Palm reading. 

Halloween: October 31st

Let’s start with the obvious choice. Halloween is the day that has the most parties thrown in its honor. Everyone loves to dress up and attend Halloween events with friends. Most people get invitations to different events, often on the same night. How can you ensure strong attendance if you plan to throw your own Halloween event? You need to have programming that is engaging and that will get your students so excited that they won’t even consider going anywhere else. An easy choice is a free Tarot or Palm reading! 

Full Moon and New Moon Events

Human beings have looked to the moon and its cycles for guidance for thousands of years. New Moon and Full Moon events are seeing a massive resurgence in popularity. There are four main moon phases, but these are the two that people tend to use as an excuse to celebrate. 

The beginning of the lunar month is known as the New Moon. This is the moment of new beginnings. Use this phase to set new goals and intentions. The New Moon is a beautiful time to begin a new project. These events tend to be more low-key events and restorative. The middle of the lunar month is the infamous Full Moon. This is a lunar phase when our energy is at capacity, and it is time to let go. Embrace grand finales and let loose. The Full Moon is ideal for parties and having fun. There are the iconic wild all-night Full Moon parties popular in Thailand, where tens of thousands of people gather to dance and have a great time. 

One of the significant advantages of events like this is that a Full and New Moon occur nearly every month. This means that you can place this programming any time during the year. It also provides the opportunity for a monthly series. 

Paranormal Day: May 3rd

This holiday is celebrating all things paranormal. May 3rd is the day to create an otherworldly experience for your community. Some examples of the paranormal are haunted houses, telepathy, aliens, Big Foot, Tarot, and Palmistry. 

Start with your campus history. Are there any supposedly haunted locations? Offering tours or ghost hunts can be a blast for students. Perhaps there is a local legend that you can showcase on this day. 

Of course, there are infinite options. What about a scary story contest? Have a paranormal podcast do a live show on campus. This could also be an excellent opportunity to invite a local paranormal investigation team. They often have unique equipment that they are happy to show students. 

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th has been unlucky, dating back to the 14th century in Europe. Research institutions found Friday the 13th to be the most feared day of the year. Many people adjust their daily routines, and airlines suffer lower sales. Although not an official holiday, it is a great excuse to host a fun event.

Consider hosting a Lucky/Unlucky Event. These are playful events where everything is themed around superstitions. For some lucky activities: give out lucky rabbits’ feet, have a game of horseshoes, or a Lucky Charms cereal bar. For the unlucky side of things: decorate using the number 13, have a station where students can open umbrellas indoors, and set up a milk bottle carnival game where the bottles look like salt shakers. 

A final obvious, although frightful, choice is a showing of any of the Friday the 13th movies. These are horror classics and the franchise has over ten full-length films to choose from. 

National Twilight Zone Day: May 11th

No series in weird television history has had as immense of an impact as The Twilight Zone. National Twilight Zone Day is every May 11th. An entire day for all things strange, unexplainable, and a little spooky. 

The Twilight Zone TV show was the brainchild of Rod Serling. Although the first episode premiered in 1959, the show has remained a pop culture institution. Even with the last episode airing in 1964, millions of fans still love to enter the Twilight Zone. After the original series, there have been many films and television shows. Notably, the most recent reincarnation of the series was created and hosted by Jordan Peele.

Although not all students will be familiar with the series, they are probably familiar with its effects on pop culture. This is a great excuse to have a showing of some of the most popular episodes. One way to get the event’s vibe right is to make all materials and decorations black and white. This mirrors the series color scheme and can be rather dynamic. 


What Do All These Events Have in Common?

They are all perfect for Tarot & Palm Readings. I create an experience that is both approachable and mystical. If your event is large enough or limited in time, I can also bring additional readers. Your students will have an individualized experience that is not only entertaining and insightful but also shockingly accurate. Best of all, Psychic Entertainment can be virtual or in person. If you are interested in a free demo, please email any Bass/Schuler agent and tell them you read this blog post. They will put you in touch with me so we can schedule a sample reading. 

It is also an excellent opportunity for a workshop. Interested in Tarot, but not sure where to start? In this crash course session, you will learn some Tarot basics to get you started on your journey. Tarot can answer questions, provide guidance, and improve various elements of our lives. At a palmistry workshop, attendees will learn to read their palms. This kind of experience mixes the mystical with a healthy dollop of fun. Get ready to learn a bit about yourself and have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Contact any Bass/Schuler agent today for more details! To learn a bit more about me, feel free to check out my Bass/Schuler page by clicking the link below. You can also visit my personal website MayfieldMagic.cor or follow me on Instagram @MayfieldMagic. 


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