The Benefits of Deep Relaxation + Mindfulness

The Benefits of Deep Relaxation + Mindfulness on Brain Health & Our Well-Being

If chronic stress negatively impacts your brain health and physical well-being — healthy lifestyle practices and the repetition of positive experiences such as feeling calm, well and happy can positively transform your mental health and well-being — and even your DNA. 

Goli leads you to this positive, feel good experience in her two programs: From Stress to Serenity and Serenity as Your Superpower. Dedicated to uplifting students from the stress of the fast-paced world, Goli teaches you:

  1. The healthy lifestyle practices which boost mental health & wellness
  2. Positive and calming experiences (breath, gentle yoga, mindfulness, guided relaxation) which relax you—and can transform your brain, body, nervous system and even DNA—to a sustained place of wellbeing, ease and happiness.

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